With our vast knowledge and experience, we are the leading Automobile Plastic Parts Manufacturer in Bangalore. We are famed as one of the leading automotive plastic parts exporters from India. Our spare parts of automobiles are manufactured by using premium quality raw plastics which will adds tolerance as well as durability.Our high performance automotive plastic parts will be available in various sizes as well as dimensions in order to meet specifications of the automobile industry. we have served automotive industry for more than 25 decade by providing the highest quality of service and delivery in automotive plastic parts. We have worked with wide variety of automotive manufacturers and also understand demanding automotive environment and network of OEMs, suppliers and supportive companies. Our quality and production teams are well trained in working automotive manufactures in order to meet requirements for both interior parts such as door panel components and exterior parts like light housings and plastic shrouds.


  • Detailed Features and Complex Geometry
  • High Efficiency
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Ability to Use Multiple Plastic Types Simultaneously
  • Automation to Save Manufacturing Costs
  • Automotive Plastic Parts Manufacturer