Primex Plastics Private Ltd is most important Car Seat Belts Components Exporters in Bangalore.We provide variety of seat belts which uses superior quality polyester, polypropylene and some other synthetic materials. we manufacture seat belts with the aim of providing strength, extra protection and safety to the passengers. The belts can be modified in terms of width, designs, patterns and weaving to enable use in other industries. Nowadays more accidents happen all over India.Accidents and collisions are part of driving. So make sure that your car is fully equipped with a Seat Belt to keep you from flying off your seat when it happens. seat belt plays an important role in driving safety.There are actually several kinds of seat belts which are nowadays used by people to safeguard them from safety during driving. Seat This belt uses one continuous line of durable material to make your body more comfortable to the seat. This belt is mainly designed to go over your body parts like pelvis, chest, and shoulders and also to hold back more of your body during sudden stops and collisions.

Why Primex plastics :

Our professionals work directly with the manufacturers of automobiles, electric cars, racing cars, and a wide variety of custom cars that require our expertise in custom designed seat belt solutions. We perform dynamic crash tests for every seat belt for design, requirements of the automotive industry. We are into a class of our own as a seat belt designer and manufacturer with the engineering ability to design seat belts for highly customized automobiles, even for low production volumes.

Car Seat Belts Components Exporters