Being a most reliable organization, Primex Plastics Private Ltd are engaged in offering a wide range of Car Seat Belt components. We are a manufacturer of Car Seat belts known for the highest level of automotive Accidents and collisions are a part of driving. So make sure your car is well equipped with a Seat Belt to keep you from flying off your seat when it happens.

Car Seat Belt

Primex Plastics Private Ltd manufacture a wide variety of seat belts with use of superior quality polyester, polypropylene and other synthetic materials. Our seat belts are constructed with the aim of providing extra protection and safety to the passengers. These belts can be modified in terms of width, designs, patterns and weaving to enable use in other industries. All of our seat belts exceed international safety regulations. Whether you are looking for a custom seat belt solution for passenger seats or driver seats, we welcome you to Contact our team to find the best Car seat belts components.

Seat belts save lives

While seat belts don't prevent a accident to take place,they prevent your chance of survival. The simple act of seat belt is the most effective and simplest way of protecting yourself as a driver or a passenger.

Car Seat Belt Components