Furniture Components, Furniture Components and Assemblies

Primexplast is the leading manufacturer of Furniture components and assemblies in Bangalore.Furniture Components and assemblies has been a staple of industries programs since in their inception. We partnered with many manufacturers in order to provide highest-quality products to industries at OEM Prices.We understand that by adding value to existing products is our primary goal.Our existing furniture components are ideal for new furniture or to enhance and extend life of existing furniture.Furniture,display or product assemblies with highly skilled furniture technicians as well as manufacturing processes enable D&B to cover “full assembly” to “partial build”.We can supply component assemblies or produce final Product based on company's design.

Materials Used:

The materials currently handled by Primex are:

  • POM – Various grades of Delrin, Duracon, Kepital
  • PP – Reliance, Zylog
  • PP – Unfilled and glass filled, compounded in different colors
  • Nylon – Unfilled, glass filled, heat stabilized from Dupont, SRF, LATI, UBE ABS - Bhansali, LG, Samsung
  • Furniture Components and Assemblies