Looking for injection molding machines in Bangalore ? Primex Plastics Private Ltd chosen to use injection molding as the main manufacturing process to bring plastic products to daily life. We are Primex Plastics Private Ltd , a team of experts works to bring people’s product ideas to life. We are passionate about making new things, but we learn the technologies which enable us to make these things. Essentially, injection molding machine injects plastic material at high pressure into a mold to create a useful plastic part and Electrical and White Goods

Primex Plastics Private Ltd has earned a reputation for being one of the best in the industry, offering high-quality, low-cost Injection Molding Machines In Bangalore. With our globally competitive pricing, we offer the opportunity for leveraging the benefits associated with using a domestic manufacturer while avoiding the risks of offshore sourcing. Specialized in injection molding of small plastic parts, we provide a total concept solution from design to production, We ensure that our products are manufactured with best quality, precision tolerances, and optimized cycle times.

Injection Molding Manufacturing Facilities

  • 16000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facility.
  • Equipped with adequate inspection facilities.
  • 13 Injection Molding machines. 50-150 Tons.
  • Producing precision components and Insert Molded components.
  • Capable of handling various engineering plastics.

Injection Molding Machines In Bangalore