Primex Plastics Private Ltd is one of the best leading Precision Injection Moulded Components Manufacturers in Bangalore.Injection Moulding is commonly used in many manufacturing processes in the today's world.Look at your circumstances, You will probably find dozens of injection moulded components in Automobiles, Electrical, White goods and various other industries.Flexibility in size and shape through use of High Precision Engineering Plastic Components is consistently extended the margin of the designs in plastics and made important replacement of materials due to light weight and design.We provide complete injection moulding service from product designs and tools which manufacture productions and assembly. We provide solution which meets ever-changing needs of our customers.We process a wide range of engineering polymers with a skilled workers in order to produce components with a blast weight capability from few grams up to 3.5 kg.our products Precision Injection Moulded Components provide applications to electrical / electronics, engineering, medical, Ministry of Defence and aerospace etc.we deliver wide range of injection moulding services components which provides satisfication to the customers.

Advantages of Injection Moulding

Nowadays Injection Moulding is used in Most of the manufacturing process and some of the advantages are :

  • Fast Production
  • Material and Colour Flexibility
  • Labour Costs Low
  • Design Flexibility
  • Low Waste
  • Precision Injection Moulded Components