Primexplast is leading manufacturer of Plastic Components For Automobile Industry. Plastics are available in various forms and used for wide range of application in automobile industry.Various advanced technology which is simplistic,Lightweight, durable and performance oriented is highly applicable in the automotive industry. Engineering plastic components which are machine made which is known for lightweight and environment-friendly features and at same time it leads to reduce weight as well as emissions of the vehicle. Which will makes the vehicle fuel-efficient with an improved combustion process.Various and multiple varieties of plastics are used in order to construct entire body of vehicle which includes internal, external as well as functional parts. Automobile components which is plastic made came due to multiple benefits. wide variety of plastic components are used to manufacture different parts of vehicle which are Polypropylene,Polyurethane and Poly-vinyl-chloride.


  • Low price and light weight parts
  • Made with international standards
  • Innovative design based on the changing needs
  • Scratch proof material
  • Low price and longer life
  • Plastic Components For Automobile Industry